Configure Zend Debugger

Using a debugger is very important while writing code. Lets see how
to do that with PHP and Zend Debugger:

Install Eclipse or Zend Studio. If you have installed Eclipse, you should install two more things:

  1. PDT - PHP Development Tools
  2. Zend Debugger
  • After extracting everything, search for's path.
  • Edit your php.ini or create another ini --> zend.ini which will have to be loaded by your PHP.
  • add the following to the new .ini file:
; Loading Zend Debugger Extension
; use for local host, or you another local network IP
Expose Zend Debugger
never - do not expose (default)
always - expose to whoever want to know
allowed_hosts - expose only if request comes from an IP listed above
  • Save & Restart Apache


PHP: phpinfo() Zend Debugger Settings

Configure Eclipse \ Zend Studio settings:

Zend Studio Settings for Zend Debugger

Zend Studio Settings for Zend Deugger

Configure extension's settings:

Zend Extension Settings for Zend Debugger

Start debugging!

Helpful links:

Note for Zend Studio 8.x users:

I suggest that you will update your Zend Studio application by using the
this instructions.